Refrigeration installation warehouse with A2L for Olano

Refrigerating facilities with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) or A2L

Global de Instalaciones, Proyectos y Automatización, Gipat, has created the biggest installation in Europe with a low GWP or A2L. Our projects are based in meeting all customer requirements and refrigeration needs.

Project involving refrigeration facilities with A2L for the Olano Group

The final customer raises its requirements, which are as follows:
1. Cool different areas at temperatures ranging from 0 to 6 °C.
2. Moderate investment and maintenance costs.
3. Good performance.
4. Use an environmentally friendly coolant.
5. Durability: long-term solution.
The refrigeration needs were as follows:
Cool almost 20,000 m3 around the clock, 365 days per year, with up to 4 productivity peaks per day (on top of seasonal peaks during Christmas and Summer). New European logistics platform, geographically located at the Spanish headquarters of one of the leading shippers of fresh marine food products.

Photo: Sonia de Viana, courtesy of Climalife.

The facility in numbers

14 100 m3

    • 27 loading doors.
    • 100 daily trucks.
    • 350 000 t/y.

3750 m3

2000 m3

    • Cold storage facility.
Refrigeration installation warehouse with A2L for Olano

The logistics platform

Photos: Sonia de Viana, courtesy of Climalife.

Reasons for using the R-455A solution

  • PCA 146 = Low environmental impact = Long-term solution = Exempt from paying IGFEI 6 taxes.
  • No loading restrictions according to the safety rules applicable to refrigerating facilities (RSIF) based on the location and classification of premises.
  • Safer in terms of NH3.
  • Easy and quick implementation: easy to use.
  • Investment savings.
  • Good performance.

The refrigerating facility

  • Expansion unit with 4 semi-hermetic compressors in the same circuit.
  • Cooling capacity:
    • Shipping area: 288 kW.
    • Chambers: 90 kW and 77.80 kW.
  • Evap. temp. -5 °C / Cond. temperature 30 °C (floating condensation).
  • R-455A refrigerating load: 800 kg.
  • 1 evaporative condenser with frequency converter for the fan.
  • Total of 11 standardized evaporators for A2L.
  • Electronic expansion.
  • Hot gas defrosting.
  • Leak detector in each evaporator valve station.
  • No engine room: everything is outdoors.

Photos: Sonia de Viana, courtesy of Climalife.