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No Frost equipment

ANTI-ICING EQUIPMENT (No Frost systems) are used to minimize losses and prevent moisture ingress when working in a chamber. Programming makes it easier for them to operate during the chamber working hours. It should be noted that the most advantageous situation for a chamber is with the door closed.

No Frost Boxes are stand-alone units installed at the access to cold rooms. Based on a self-supporting stainless steel structure, they have a double hinged door and plastic sheets that open and close as the transpallet passes through. They perform two functions: air barrier and air conditioning to keep the air below the dew point. The result is the absence of ice in the access to the chamber.

The No Frost system saves energy, since the appearance of ice will require extra energy expenditure.

  • INCREASED SAFETY by preventing skidding due to ice slabs.
  • AVOIDANCE OF EVAPORATOR FAN BREAKAGE, by reducing the formation of ice on the evaporators.
  • INCREASES THE THERMODYNAMIC PERFORMANCE of the installation since the number of “defrosting” decreases and, in addition, since the evaporators have less ice, the transmission of cold improves ostensibly.
  • MAINTAINS THE QUALITY OF THE STORAGE PRODUCT due to the absence of ice. Often, when the goods are removed from the chambers, the ice deposited on them melts and deteriorates the packaging.
Normally, if no structural alterations are necessary (demolition of impellers, removal of antechambers), it involves a day’s work for two technicians. It is not necessary to turn off the cold room the cold room and can be installed with the cold room in operation.